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Consider Your Tracks

Tyre tracks

Farms get muddy, farms get wet and work doesn't just stop because of a little rain.

But that doesn't mean you should forego common sense just because the paddocks are wet and you have a job to do.

Making tracks with your farm amchinery in wet ground is inevitable especially through and around gates, however with a little common sense you can easily limit the damage you and your machinery cause by alternating your path.

Following the same path day in day out will create large, deep furrows which not only collect water but become problematic when the paddocks dry out.

Spreading your tracks out and where possible choosing new tracks every few days may seem like your spreading the problem further but your are in fact spreading less problem over a wider area.

Your ground will recover quicker.

Grass will grow quicker.

And come the dryer time of year you wont have large furrows that even the tractor can't negotiate that require repairing before you even contemplate reseeding.

Another common sense solution to an easily caused problem is to limit the turning and steering of your vehicles in the mud. 4WD tractors have large wheels and those wheels in turn create tracks and furrows, however if you limit your steering, especially when in 4WD, the furrows and trenches you create will be less, be smaller and require less work to repair when they dry up.