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Straight Fence Posts

Straight Fence Posts

There is nothing that looks worse than having nice new fences around your farm only to spoil them because of a few leaning fence posts.

Even worse is when you try to hang a gate on a leaning post and you end up with an ugly and ridiculous gap for all to see.

You can only blame the gate manufacturer or the post rammer so many times so why not get it right first time?

When thumping your posts always carry a pocket level with you and before you begin thumping check your vertical level at two points approximately 90 degrees apart on the post.

At Krafty Farm Assistant we came across the level pictured which can measure two sides at once in a hardware store throw out bin for less than $5 and it was one of the best purchases we've ever made.

Because most post thumpers can be adjusted while the post is only partially in the ground, you can also repeat the leveling process several times during the post thumping, (ovf course making sure the thumper can not be operated while you are checking the level).

Together with our tip for Easier Post Thumping the pocket level will help you ensure that you no longer have ugly gaps in your gates and that each post is straight before you're stringing wire and it's too late to change.

Note: The above pictured level also works equally as well for star pickets and MaxY® stakes.