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Straight Line Fencing

Straight Line Fencing

Fences that bend around hills or trees are often required but fences that bend and weave down what could easily be a straight line not only looks silly it looks like the job was done by someone with limited knowledge of fencing.

Why make fences bend and weave when it's so easy to make then straight to begin with?

Secure your first post into the ground, with a brace or end set ensuring it will be firm enough to tension against.

Repeat the process at the opposite end.

Tie off your barbed wire and run out the entire length to your last post.

At the other end connect your chain strainer (or other such strainer which you use to tension your fence) and tension the single row of wire until the wire is tight but not under full tension.

With the barbed wire under tension you should now have a straight line from one point to another and you can wander along that line placing in your star pickets or wooden posts.

Once your posts are in you can either tension the first wire and tie it off or lay it on the ground, run out more strands and start from the top.

Note 1: This method works equally well with any wire as it does with the barbed wire mention above.

Note 2: If you are doing a fence that requires bends the same method can be used to ensure the run between each bend is straight as long your you remember to run the guide wire around the correct side of each post where the fence bends.

Note 3: For straight runs on hilly land, the guide wire may not always come off the ground, however in some cases you can raise the guide wire up to the top of the posts to help raise the wire over some rises.