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Old Tractor Tyre Stock Feeder

Tractor Tyre Stock Feeder

Here's another handy tip to help farmers reuse/recycle two old tractor tyres rather than trying to make them landfill.

Cut the bead out and approximately 50-100mm of the tyre wall out of one tyre with an angle grinder or other suitable tool.

Cut a piece of ply wood slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the tyre.

Laying the tyre with both beads still in place flat on the ground place the ply wood on the tyre wall so that it doesn't extend past the outer edges of the tyre.

Place the second tyre on top of the ply wood with the missing bead facing upwards.

Drill several holes through both tyres and the ply wood and secure them together with bolts.

Now you have a stock feeder which can be rolled around the paddock and can have hay or straw thrown in it to feed you animals.

Note 1: Using stainless steel bolts will protect them from the elements should you ever need to remove them.

Note 2: Using marine grade ply and sealing it with a suitable sealer/lacquer may extend the life of the plywood.