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Spade Drills

Use Spade Drills to make drilling your holes easier

Use a spade drill when drilling holes in wooden posts for hanging gates.

Not only will the job be easier on your drill but it will be easier on you too.

Spade drills cut more, cut quicker and often cut without the forward pressure that standard drills do.

Depending on the size of the posts you may still need to relieve the drill by pulling the bit out of the hole and clearing out the saw dust but even this task is made easier with spade drills.

Spade drills do come in lengths long enough to get through most posts however extensions can also be purchased to make standard size drills long enough to get through even the thickest of gate posts.

Note: If purchasing an extension for the standard length bits be aware that some of the cheaper versions are unbalanced and not centered which may result in the drill having an excessive wobble at higher speeds. Quality extensions don't tend to suffer the same problem as often.