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Better Short Fences

Making the most of short fences

When making fences that only run a few meters, for example a fence between a gate post and another fence to block off a driveway edge or fences to direct cattle into a gateway, forget using wire.

Even with the use of gripples® instead of a chain strainer your strands of wire will be hard to strain and more than likely loose tension in a very short time.

Worse still such a design often puts undue stress on a post that hasn't been properly restrained causing it to lean and leave an ugly and large gap between your shut gate and it's latching pin.

A better option for such small runs is to use timber. Your fence might cost more initially but it will be stronger, wont loose tension and will look good for a lot longer than wire does.

Timber also adds to the bracing meaning that you can use smaller upright posts and they don't require any bracing or supporting.

But most of all your good looking and long lasting fence will not move leaving that ugly 'poorly built' gap between your gate and it's latch.