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Worn Screwhead Repairer

Damaged Screw

Having trouble getting that flat bladed screw undone because of a damaged head?

Damaged heads on screws are not only a problem when it comes to undoing them but can be dangerous when the screwdriver slips and you smash your knuckles into something hard.

Before taking the skin off your knuckles try this simple and practical step.

Hacksaw screwdriver repairer

Place two blades side by side into your hacksaw, (both with saw teeth facing the same direction), creating a double width cutting area.

Place the hacksaw blades in or above the slit in the top of the screw and gently cut a new and wider slot into the screw being careful not to cut too deeply and render the screw unusable.

Repeat this process as often as required to ensure your flat bladed screw driver fits into the screw head.

Note: While predominantly a solution for flat headed screws this method may work with some phillips head screws but be sure to check the screw first as being heavy handed during the process may easily render any screw unusable.