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Clamping Pipes

Whether you are using wooden posts, steel posts or even star pickets.

Whether you are using barbed wire or flat wire for an electric fence.

New Fence Straining

Tension of the wire is one of the most important aspects of building that fence.

Too little tension and your animals can push through the fence and wreck it.

Too much tension and your posts may pull over or worse still pull out of the ground taking the fence with them.

While we can't give you an exact tension for all fences we can offer this one simple tip to help make your fences tension evenly no matter what that fence is required to do.

Always strain the top wire first and do not strain the wire to the point where the tension is enough to pull the posts towards the wire strainer.

This may seem like an obvious tip for some farmers, however the desire to strain from bottom, especially with barbed wire fences, is very common due to there being less risk of injury reaching through, around or past strained wires and barbs.

By the time the top most wire is strained there is often a tendancy to pull too tightly and not only slacken each wire below but pull the post out of the ground along the fence run.

Simply straining the top wire first helps eliminate leaning posts and loosing tension when subsequent wires added to the fence.