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Lamb Windbreaker

Lamb Wind Breaker

Do you like standing around in the howling wind?

Chances are you don't and your lambs are no different but with this simple tip not only can you help protect your lambs but you will also being doing your bit for the environment by recycling those old tractor tyres and putting them to good use rather than simply putting them into landfill.

Using an angle grinder or other suitable cutting tool cut your old tractor tyres in half.

Caution: Cutting the bead and any steel belting can be dangerous, heed all safety precautions when attempting this tip.

Once your old tyres are cut in half simply place them around your sheep paddock with the majority of tread facing the direction most likely to produce high winds.

Secure each tyre (with old star pickets and wire or the like) ensuring that whatever method you use is not going to harm the young lambs seeking protection.

Once in place each tyre can be filled with dirt to stop smaller lambs getting inside the tyre and to ensure the tyres don't gradually sag with time, offering less protection.

Bigger tyres mean protection for larger animals or maybe more smaller animals and the more lamb wind breakers you make the less tyres you have to dispose of.

Thanks to Krafty Farm Assistant client Bob Davidson for this great tip.