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Gumboot Protector

Gumboot Protector

There is nothing worse that heading out of the farm house in the early morning hours and sliding your foot into your gumboots only to find something that shouldn't be there lurking inside.

With luck if this has ever happened to you it was only a stone or small stick that you found, but in reality we all know that it's more likely the foreign object was soft and squishy and not really the best feeling to start the day.

Protecting your gumboots, work boots and just about any other shoe that you have to leave at the back door is a simple and cheap task which takes only a few seconds to prepare but means no more early morning surprises.

Simply take an old pair of socks (without holes in them) or a cut 200mm off the toe end of a pair of nylon stocking. Each night when you take your boots off slip the sock or stocking over the opening of your boots. If needed an elastic band can be used to hold the material down onto the boot to stop it rising.

With the top opening covered and no way to get in the creepy crawlies (or worse) can't get into your boots.

For added protection spray the stockings or socks with surface spray every few weeks and any little critters that do walk across looking for a way into your boots will be dosed up and dealt with.

Thanks to Krafty Farm Assistant client Audrey Davidson for this great tip