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The Gripple® Tool

The Gripple Tool

Tips and tricks come in all different forms and this is one of those tips that will save you and your farm assistant a heap of time when it comes to fence repair.

Forget joining fence wire with knots and twists, the Gripple® will join two wire ends together whilst the Gripple® Tool allows you to tension the fence to your desired tension.

Both the tool and the Gripples® work equally well on barbed wire fences as they do on electric fences. (Barbed wire fences may need several barbs removed to grip effectively.)

With the Gripple® placed so that each wire runs through it in the direction shown on the side simply locate the Gripple® into the slotted tool, place the wire you wish to be pulled behind the clamp and squeeze the handles together, your fence becomes tighter with every operation of the handles.

Gripple Plus

While not a complete replacement for the old chain around the post method the Gripple® and Gripple® Tool will quickly become a "goto" tool every time fence repairs are on the agenda.

Because you have greater control over the tension applied to your fence with Gripples® and the Gripple® tool tensioning small or short fence runs also becomes much easier than using a chain strainer where tension is done one link at a time and nothing less.

Also available now are the very effective Gripple® T-Clip.

Gripple T-clip

Tie off wire the easy way, no more knots, simply slide the Gripple® T-Clip onto your wire, pull the wire around your post or strainer, then twist the wire over the itself to lock it into place. Tension can be gained by pulling the wire through the Gripple® with pliers.