Krafty Farm Assistant

Easy DIY Fenceline Feeder

easy fenceline feeder for all farms

Here is an easy and economical feeding, drinking option for your farm.

If you have any of the following:

  • A cut down 44 gallon drum
  • An old square plastic box (similar to those old council recycling boxes)
  • A container of any size which you no longer have a use for.

You too can make and easy fenceline feeder.

Simply mount your feeder next to a sturdy fence post and attach it to the fence post with either bolts, brackets or strapping.

At the opposite end place a star picket in the ground close to the end of the feeder which will allow you to attach the feeder to it as an added anchor point.

Fill with your desired product.

Note 1: If you are using a cut down 44 gallon drum, plastic or steel ensure you remove any sharp edges, rims and clean thoroughly.

Note 2: If your desired product is water by adding a float valve and connecting it to your irrigation you can ensure that the feeder fills in the same way your other troughs do.