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Easier Post Thumping

Easier fence post thumping

Hard dry paddocks, paddocks littered with rocks, maybe you would just like to thump your posts into the ground a bit easier.

This simple and easy tip will help you thump any wooden post into the ground.

With a chainsaw simply cut a point on one end of the post.

There is no need to cut a large amount off, simply pick an imaginary line (you could measure it if you wanted it exact) angled from the center of the post at the end to the edge about 100-150mm from the bottom and cut a triangle section off four sides.

While only cutting two sides will still work in most ground surfaces having a four sided point will allow for more accuracy and help to ensure that fence post goes in straight, because no one wants their fence posts thumped in on an angle.

Thanks to Krafty Farm Assistant client Roger, who not only provided this tip but showed us how well it works.