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DIY Valve Screwdriver

Engine Valve Screwdriver

Have you ever come across a screw that just wont undo?

Of course you have, we all have, now with this simple tip you can get the extra leverage that might just help move it.

This tip does only work with flat bladed screws but the leverage it can provide over a standard screw driver could mean the difference between loosening that screw and leaving it stuck in it's hole.

Find an old engine valve.

Grind or file down two edges to a thickness and width of the gap in your screws, (similar to the picture shown right).

Once you can slot the valve screwdriver into the screw you can apply pressure by pushing on the valve stem.

Pushing from a horizontal angle give you greater pressure and more force on the stuck screw.

Note: As usual all precautions not to hurt yourself should be taken and valve should be a snug fit wherever possible before attempting to apply excessive pressure.