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Clamping Pipes

Clamp pipes without deforming or crushing them

Holding pipes or metal tubes when working or welding them in a G clamp tightly but not tight enough to crush them is not always an easy task.

Why risk crushing or deforming the pipe when with a simple modification you can hold pipes and tubes in your G clamp, firmly and without damage.

Using a section of small gauge steel angle (e.g. 20-25mm x 2mm) cut two pieces of around 30mm long.

Using an old G clamp weld one piece of angled steel to the G clamp and weld the second piece of steel angle to the butt end of the screw thread so that when the clamp is closed the two pieces of angled steel create a square.

With both pieces welded securely you can now place pipes and tubes between the pieces of steel and clamp down on them holding them securely to help your work with them.

Note: As each piece of angled steel is welded onto the clamp the clamp may become unusable for other purposes which is why it is suggested above that an "old" clamp be used, however should you not have old clamps laying around new clamps can be used.