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Care For your Electric Gates

Protect your bungy, electric gates and handles

Your electric fence gates, bungy gates, tape gates, spring gates, whatever gates you use to power a gap not using a traditional gate cost time and money to replace, so it's worth looking after them.

When it comes time to open the gate don't just dump them on the ground, even just dumping them for a few moments while you go through the gate is bad practise and a could eventually lead to the path we have seen many times where they get left on the ground for the cattle to trample.

No one wins when it comes to replacing gates because the last person to use them was lazy.

Either hang them neatly on the switched off side of the fence or hook them back to their own mounting point in the case of singled ended wires. The cattle or other animals might still run up against them but they wont trample them.

If you can't hang them out of the way put them back as soon as you've used the gate.

Note: For bungy gates with plastic hook handles on either end always be sure to disconnect them from the feed end first, that way you wont get a nasty zap after they are opened and you are taking them out of the way. Removing from the feed end first also allows you the option of hanging the gate on the dead end and not having live wires swinging together.