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Balance The Trailer

Balance your large cattle trailer when only carting a small load

So you've got a large cattle trailer but of course there is going to be times when you only want to cart a few animals.

Even a few animals in a large trailer without dividing frames can make a safe situation dangerous, not to mention harder to tow as the load moves around more.

Next time you have to preform such a task try this simple trick.

Strap several empty plastic barrels, old oil drums or large water containers in the front of your trailer.

Whether you use tie down straps or rope the drums will act as a forward barrier keeping your animals further back in the trailer and therefore leveling out your load.

Note: For some animals you may be required to stack drums onto of each other to ensure animals don't try to jump on drums. If this is the case ensure both rows of drums and tied down securely before animals are placed inside the trailer.